Bijoy Bayanno Download for Windows 11 [FREE]

Bijoy Bayanno allows users to type Bangla without any hassle on computers compatible with Windows 11. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use Bangla writing keyboard with two-way encoding: Bijay Classic and Unicode. Bijoy Bayanno supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Here we will share the best Bangla writing tool, Bijoy Bayanno, for Windows 11. If you are looking for the latest version of Bijoy 52 for your Windows 10 PC, you are in the right place!

Overview of Bijoy Bayanno

Bijoy Bayanno, also known as Bijoy 52, is a famous and popular Bengali typing programme. Therefore, it is mostly made for people in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, where Bengali is the national language. The name “Bijoy Bayanno” means “Victory Time” in English, which shows that the goal of the software is to make it easy for people to type in Bengali.

Mostafa Jabbar and his team made Bijoy Bayanno. It has become very famous over the years because it is easy to use and has a lot of functions. It lets people type Bengali characters using a phonetic keyboard layout. This makes it easy for new and expert Bengali typists to write text in Bengali.

Bijoy Baynno for Windows 11

Bijoy Bayanno is one of the most popular Bengali keyboard software programmes that supports almost all versions of Windows, including Windows 11. It’s crucial for allowing millions of Bengali-speaking individuals to type and communicate on Windows computers in their native language.


Here, you can download Bijoy Bayanno for Windows 11, which supports 32- and 64-bit OS. After downloading Bijoy 52, you will get a step-by-step guide to installing and activating Bijoy Bayanno on Windows 10.

Features of Bijoy Bayanno

  • Easy Bengali Typing: Bijoy Bayanno has a powerful keyboard layout that makes it easy to type in Bengali using the English alphabet.
  • Compatibility: Bijoy 52 is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 11, which supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS. Users can install it on their Windows 11 operating system without any hassle.
  • Unicode Support: Bijoy Bayanno supports Unicode, including both the older ANSI encoding and the newer Unicode encoding. Unicode support is necessary to work with programmes and websites that use Unicode to show writing in multiple languages.
  • Powerful Keyboard: The programme also has a powerful Bangla keyboard, allowing users to write Bengali easily.
  •  User-Friendly Interface: The software has an interface that is easy to use, so people of all ages and levels of computer skill can use it.
  • Educational and Professional Use: Bijoy Bayanno has been used a lot in schools, offices, and other workplaces. As a result of its prominence in Bangladesh and among Bengali-speaking communities worldwide.
  •  Updates and Development: Bijoy Bayanno is constantly updated and developed to ensure it works with the latest Windows.

Bijoy Bayanno Activation Code

Bijoy Byanno is not free-to-use software; you must have an activation code to use its full version. After downloading and installing the software, you will go through an activation process. Check the following article to get the Activation Code of Bijoy Bayanno ->> Bijoy Bayanno Activation Code.

If you need to learn how to install and activate Bijoy Bayanno on Windows, check out the below guide. Guide to Installing & Activating Bijoy Bayanno on Windows OS.

In conclusion, Bijoy Bayanno is a robust and adaptable piece of software. It is a popular choice among Bangla users because it is user-friendly, supports various Bangla typefaces, and has features that simplify typing.

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