Avro Keyboard Download – অভ্র কিবোর্ড

Avro Keyboard is a flexible, open-source, and free piece of software that enables users to easily type in multiple languages. OmicronLab developed it, and it has become well-liked not only in Bangladesh but also among various language communities around the world.

It’s a powerful and easy-to-use programme that lets people type quickly in many languages. It is a vital resource for people all over the world who need to communicate in their original languages. It supports Unicode, phonetic typing, and intelligent help.

There are many steps in this complete guide that show you how to download and set up Avro Keyboard on your Windows computer. You will also learn how to use its features to make typing easier.

Download Avro Keyboard

By letting people download Avro Keyboard for free, the developer, the community, and the users all help to protect and promote languages and cultures. Avro Keyboard is downloadable for free, making it accessible to a large number of users. It is compatible with Windows operating systems, including Windows 11. The installation files are readily available on the official website and in various software archives.

Are you looking for an Avro Keyboard to download? Here, you will get the latest version of Avro Keyboard for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It’s available for both 32 and 64 bits. You will also get Avro Keyboard for Mac and Linux OS.

Bijoy Bayanno is another leading Bengali typing tool for computers. You can also download the Bijoy Bayanno Keyboard for Windows PCs. Download the Bijoy 52 as per your requirements.

Overview of Avro Keyboard

Dr. Mehdi Hasan Khan initiated the development of the Avro Keyboard in 2003. OmicronLab created the free and open-source keyboard tool Avro Keyboard for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It’s also the first free, open-source Bengali keyboard for Windows that works with both Unicode and ANSI. It works with fixed layout keyboards and an “Avro Phonetic” phonetic layout that lets you type Bengali using romanized transliteration.

It provides the most convenient method for typing Bangla characters on modern personal computers. Hence, we can refer to this as the phonetic typing method, wherein entering “K” on the keyboard will display “ক” on the PC screen.

Avro Keyboard also has a lot of other features, such as auto-correct, a word checker, a tool for fixing fonts, and a lot more. There is both a standard installer edition and a portable edition of this app.

Key Features of Avro Keyboard

Before we delve into the download process, it’s essential to understand some of the key features that make Avro Keyboard a standout typing tool:

  1. Unicode Support: The Avro Keyboard fully supports the Unicode standard, which means that users can type in many scripts and languages, such as Bengali, Assamese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, and more.
  2. Phonetic Typing: Avro Keyboard uses a phonetic typing method, which means entering “K” on the keyboard will display “ক” on the PC screen.
  3. AutoCorrect: This feature is a real time saver for those who struggle with spelling errors. Avro Keyboard’s AutoCorrect functionality automatically corrects common typing mistakes, ensuring the text you produce is accurate and error-free.
  4. Customizable Layouts: Avro Keyboard lets users design and personalise keyboard layouts for their language and typing preferences.
  5. Rich Text Editing: The software provides rich text formatting for word editing, email, and web browsing.
  6. Portable Version: Avro Keyboard offers a portable version that can be used without installation on any Windows computer.
  7. Bangla font compatibility: Avro Keyboard is compatible with any Bangla font that supports UNICODE. Even if you cannot afford to purchase commercial or shareware UNICODE-compliant Bangla typing software, you can install its fonts and use them with the Avro Keyboard to type in Bangla.

Avro keyboard for Windows 11

Avro Keyboard is a popular and easy-to-use keyboard input software for Bengali speakers that supports numerous languages and scripts. Millions of Bengali and other Indian language types use it, mainly in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Its free download makes it accessible to a wide audience.

The Avro keyboard works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP. A portable Avro keyboard is also available.

Phonetic Keyboard for Windows PC

When it comes to Windows, Avro is the best Bangla keyboard. You can type Bangla characters on your computer just like you can on your phone. The most up-to-date English-to-Bengali phonetic typing method works with the Avro Keyboard. So, if you put “ami banglay gan gai” anywhere, it will be typed automatically as “আমি বাংলাट গান গাই.” Avro Keyboard also works with standard keyboard layouts that are based on typing in Bangla. In the same way, it also allows typing in Bangla with a mouse. It has a lot of different keyboard layouts, like Probhat, Munir Optima, Bornona, and more. You can also get Bijoy Bayanno, which is another very famous Bangla typing app.


Avro Keyboard for Windows is more than just a way to type. It’s a sign of how technology can help people communicate and use different languages. A wide range of users love this tool because it is easy to use, can work in multiple languages, and has advanced features. It has a big effect on Bengali society, education, computers, and more.

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